Sia che conosciate già Mosca e San Pietroburgo, sia che scopriate le due capitali per la prima volta, potete essere sicuri che troveremo il modo di sorprendervi.

Scoprite queste città in ebollizione grazie a un percorso personalizzato centrato sui vostri interessi. Abbiamo attraversato le nostre città in lungo e in largo, di giorno e di notte, e abbiamo un sacco di idee per rendere il vostro viaggio indimenticabile.

I nostri itinerari a tema includono (ma non si limitano) a questi temi:

  • Architettura classica e moderna
  • Balleto, opera e musica classica
  • Belle arti e arti decorative
  • Cultura e storia
  • Banya (sauna) Russa
  • Tour per i bambini (dai 5 anni)
  • Scoprite le città nella pelle di un cosmonauta o di pilota di caccia
  • Scoprite i fiumi sotterranei
  • Vita notturna

Possiamo anche organizzare dei corsi di danza classica, pattinaggio artistico, scacchi o cucina russa? La creatività e la flessibilità sono le nostre parole d’ordine.

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Examples of trips

Duration: 7 days

Season: all year round

This city is a mixture of history and modern civilization. Dive in this dynamic universe and try to understand the mysterious Russian soul by means of history, art, architecture and contemporary culture. All these elements will make your trip an unforgettable experience.
Your trip should definitely start with the classical sites: the Kremlin with the impressive imperial beauty of the domes of its cathedrals and the Metro with its elaborated Soviet mosaics and marble.
Discover artistic treasures of the past followed by extravagant modern tendencies. Have meals in the best restaurants of Moscow. Admire fantastic views of the city, spend an evening
in a world famous theatre and take a lesson of traditional Russian cuisine.


  • All famous places of the city: the Kremlin with its museums, Red Square, GUM, Kitay-Gorod quarter, Lubyanka, the Tretiakov gallery, Arbat, etc.
  • A walk in the artistic district of Krasny Oktyabr (Red October), which used to be a chocolate factory, will let you discover modern tendencies and relax in one of the most fashionable cafes;
  • Moscow metro;
  • A walk in Gorky Park (if the weather permits);
  • Russian banya and cuisine;
  • Stalin’s bunker;
  • A variety of customized activities: decorative arts, theatre, a tour to the astronauts training center, etc.;
  • Shopping for traditional arts and crafts items at the famous Vernisazh market;
  • An evening in a Russian theatre (ballet, opera, concert).

Duration: 7 days

Season: all year round

Saint-Petersburg is often related to as the cultural capital of Russia. It is true that the city is full of
unique historical and cultural sites, incredible museums, monuments, religious sites and art galleries.
St.Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire from 1712 till 1918. It has always been the cultural
center of Russia which attracted writers, poets, scientists and artists.
Our trip to St.Petersburg will let you feel the atmosphere of tsarist Russia with its magnificent palaces
full of treasures, as well as discover the modern culture of this wonderful city. During this week you
will see the incredible collection of the Hermitage and the city itself from three different angles – from
a boat, from a helicopter and from the ground while walking along the streets. You will get an idea of
the Russian underground art, you will watch a ballet, an opera or a sub-titled play in a theatre and see
the life of a real Russian village.


  • All famous places of the city: Issakiy, The Saviour, the monument of Peter the Great, the Nevsky Prospekt, the Hermitage, St.Peter and St.Paul’s fortress, etc.;
  • A tour of St.Petersburg channels;
  • A guided tour to Peterhof – the summer royal residence situated on the coast of the Gulf of
  • St.Petersburg drawbridges;
  • A helicopter flight offering fantastic views of the city;
  • The center of Contemporary Art called Pushkinskaya 10;
  • An evening in the theatre;
  • An excursion to the favourite summer residence of Yekaterina II – Tsarskoye Selo;
  • A trip to the village of Shuvalovka where besides observing traditional wooden architecture
    you can choose some of a number of activities like tasting vodkas, a traditional tea ceremony,
    a master-class of Russian cuisine, Russian banya or horseback riding along the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Duration: 9 days

Season: all year round

Route: Moscow – Tver – Torjok – V. Volotchek – Valday – Novgorod – Kingisepp – Saint-Petersburg

  • A lunch on the bank of the Volga river in the city, which for 200 years competed with Moscow for the right to become the capital;
  • We will take pictures with the so-called “Stone collier” by architect Nikolay Lvov;
  • We will follow the stone bridges of the ancient towpath along the Tvertsa river till the town of Torjok;
  • We will learn the secrets of the old-time barge pulling and discover the mistery of the Vyshni Volotchek engineering system that was adopted to replace human pulling;
  • We will measure the distance that tatars could pass through Russian woods;
  • We will stand on the remnants of the former military greatness of the Soviet Union and look into the “Satan’s Den”;
  • We will walk along the same streets as the Karamazovs, Grushenka, Smerdyakov and the other characters of the world-known novel;
  • We will admire the charm of Veliky Novgorod and get impressed by the millennial Russian history;
  • We will see and read ancient letters written on birch-bark;
  • We will get impressed by the red arches of the Borschovskiye caves;
  • We will have a look at the Porkchovskaya fortress;
  • We will get on top of the Ivangorod fortress wall to see Estonian Narva;
  • We will see old Baltic artillery forts.


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