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Tatiana Churzina and her team specialize in custom-made trips to Russia and its remote regions. If we offer something to you, it means we have tested it ourselves so we will be able to give you our best advice.

This huge country with its natural and cultural wealth offers a number of itineraries away from beaten paths. Welcome to discover Kamchatka, Yakoutia, Altaï and other remote but absolutely fascinating places! Our highly experienced local guides know their regions inside out and are fond of their country. They have got their finger on the pulse to be able to react to any unexpected situation that can influence your trip.

Our trips are fully customized. They will help you to discover wild regions of Russia with their culture at your own pace, on the dates that you will chose yourself.

What will you see? Volcanos, geysers, thermal baths, bears and salmon, crabs, caviar, the coldest place on the planet, reindeer, dog sleds and fishing.

For those who prefer active holidays – heliski, trekking, horse trekking.

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